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Water Quality
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Welcome to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor Certification (TECS).

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NOTICE: Hello Students! For those of you that have a certificate due to expire 1/1/2019, CDOT is planning to implement a re-certification exam that will renew your certificate for an additional three years (1/1/2022). You can choose to wait until the exam is released to re-certify or you can enroll in class 1 and 2 before your certification expires.
However, if you do not successfully pass the re-certification exam you will have to take both classes again to maintain a valid certification. The expected release of the exam will be late October and you will have until 1/1/2019 to successfully complete it. If the release of the exam is delayed, CDOT will administratively extend your certificate until the exam can be issued.
More details to come on the process as well as what to expect after. Please make sure all of your contact information is up to date on our portal. If you have any questions, contact Tamara Burke at [email protected]

CDOT requires any individual designated on the Erosion Control Management (ECM) team to hold a valid CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor (TECS) Certification on CDOT projects holding a CDPS-SCP. The certification is comprised of 2, one-day courses and must be kept current while performing duties as a ECM. Per specification 208.03(c): All ECM staff shall have working knowledge and experience in construction, and shall have successfully completed the Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor (TECS) Certificate Training as provided by the Department.

Class 1 of the TECS training is in a classroom setting and is delivered by instructors using:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • student activities
  • open discussion
  • the toolbox
  • training SWMP

Class 2 of TECS training is conducted outdoors at the CDOT BMP Field Academy, adjacent to CDOT Headquarters in Denver. This training is comprised of field activities that include:

  • site assessments
  • inspection protocols
  • linking the SWMP document to the construction site
  • hands-on BMP field installations
  • evaluating BMPs under simulated precipitation event conditions; and
  • critical thinking

Successful completion of both classes are required for the TECS certification. Class 1 (classroom) must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in Class 2 (field). Class 2 must be taken within 12 months of taking Class 1, or Class 1 must be repeated.

Successful participation and completion of the TECS classes, including passing an exam at the end of each class, is required to be a certified TECS. Successful participation and completion includes attendance, completion of class assignments and a passing score on the exams given at the end of each class.

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