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CODOT H2O Learning
TECS Certification
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CDOT holds our TECS classes live at the Tom Boyce Water Quality Facility in Denver, Colorado.

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NOTICE: Hello Students! CDOT has implemented a recertification exam to extend your TECS certificate for an additional 3 years and help keep you up to date on any important changes. The exam will become active in your portal prior to your certification expire date. Please be sure all of your contact information is current so we can reach you.

TECS Certification

CDOT requires any individual designated on the Erosion Control Management (ECM) team to hold a valid CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor (TECS) Certification on CDOT projects holding a CDPS-SCP. The certification consists of two, one day classes titled “Class 1” and “Class 2” and successful completion of both with an exam score of 80% is required to obtain a TECS certification. In the portal, you must register for each class separately, starting with class 1 and complete both classes within 12 months of each other. A TECS Certification is valid for three years.

Class 1 ($159.00) is in a classroom setting and is delivered by instructors using:
• PowerPoint slides
• student activities
• open discussion
• the toolbox
• training SWMP

Class 2 ($159.00) is conducted outdoors at the Tom Boyce Water Quality Training Facility and includes:
• site assessments
• inspection protocols
• linking the SWMP document to the construction site
• hands-on BMP field installations
• evaluating BMPs under simulated precipitation event conditions; and
• critical thinking

Both training days are required for the TECS certification. Successful participation and completion of the TECS classes, including passing an exam at the end of each class, is required to be a certified TECS. Successful participation and completion includes attendance, completion of class assignments and a passing score on the exams given at the end of each class. The certification is valid for 3 years from the certification date with refresher classes extending the TECS certification to 5 years. Attendance includes missing no more than 15 minutes of either training day. Starting mid next year, the TECS program will begin implementing continued education courses that can be found on your portal. These courses will be required to become re-certified after your certificate expires.

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