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TECS Certification
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TECS Class Schedule
The list of upcoming TECS certification class sessions are shown below. To register for a class you need to login first (top right of this page). . If you are not currently a registered user, click here to register.
Instructor-led classes
TECS ClassCost: $318
Upcoming sessions
Class date: 4/12/2023 Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor (TECS) Certification 2-Day Class 8:00 - 17:00 Location: 4/12/2023-4/13/2023 VIRTUAL TRAINING This is an virtual format to meet safety concerns related to COVID-19. CDOT will not be able to provide loaner computers; it is advised to have a large screen with good internet connection to fully participate and view content over Zoom. Zoom link and ClassMarker username/password will be sent 1 week prior to class. Attendance will be monitored. Instructor: Janel Servis
Last day to register: 4/5/2023 Seats available: 6
On-line Classes
The list of available on-line video classes are shown below. To register for an on-line class you need to return to the home page and log in. If you are not currently a registered user, click here to register.
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