Transportation Erosion Control
Supervisor (TECS) Certification
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Welcome to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor Certification (TECS).
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CDOT requires any individual designated on the Erosion Control Management (ECM) team to hold a valid CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor (TECS) Certification on CDOT projects holding a CDPS-SCP. The certification is comprised of 2, one-day courses and must be kept current while performing duties as a ECM. Per specification 208.03(c): All ECM staff shall have working knowledge and experience in construction, and shall have successfully completed the Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor (TECS) Certificate Training as provided by the Department.

Class 1 of the TECS training is in a classroom setting and is delivered by instructors using:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • student activities
  • open discussion
  • the toolbox
  • training SWMP

Class 2 of TECS training is conducted outdoors at the CDOT BMP Field Academy, adjacent to CDOT Headquarters in Denver. This training is comprised of field activities that include:

  • site assessments
  • inspection protocols
  • linking the SWMP document to the construction site
  • hands-on BMP field installations
  • evaluating BMPs under simulated precipitation event conditions; and
  • critical thinking

Successful completion of both classes are required for the TECS certification. Class 1 (classroom) must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in Class 2 (field). Class 2 must be taken within 12 months of taking Class 1, or Class 1 must be repeated.

Successful participation and completion of the TECS classes, including passing an exam at the end of each class, is required to be a certified TECS. Successful participation and completion includes attendance, completion of class assignments and a passing score on the exams given at the end of each class.

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